CBS did not broadcast 4th of July in high def

Scott Fybush
Tue Jul 11 00:28:32 EDT 2006

Larry Weil wrote:
> At 6:04 PM -0400 7/10/06, Gary's Ice Cream wrote:
>> What a disappointment!    CBS-4 did NOT broadcast the Pops or the 
>> fireworks
>> in High Def.   I didn't expect the local portion but certainly 
>> expected the
>> national part to be in HD.
> Do they even own any hi-def cameras, or have hi-def production 
> facilities?  While the network probably does in NY and LA, I doubt the 
> local station has any.

Yes, but this was a network production, wasn't it?

Boston's slowly slipping behind the curve when it comes to local HD. I 
now count about a dozen stations around the country (mostly owned by 
Gannett and Cox) doing local news in HD. I've heard nothing about any 
Boston stations planning to join those ranks.

The only one I've had a chance to see - and that only briefly - is ABC's 
KABC-TV in LA. It's absolutely spectacular, and it even looks better on 
standard-def, if only because doing HD right requires so much attention 
to lighting, set design, graphics and so on.


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