W1XAL shortwave station in Boston

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Mon Jul 10 12:17:55 EDT 2006

At 06:53 AM 7/10/2006 -0400, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>Donna: If you recall my original posting in this thread, I said that the
>door to the WMEX studios/offices at 70 Brookline Ave was adjacent to a door
>that (I thought--incorrectly) had the W1XAL calls on it. I now assume that
>the calls on the second door were W1XAV.

Yeah, that was where Shortwave and Television (later General Television) 
did some early TV experiments.  In fact, the late great Big Brother Bob 
Emery was a TV star in February 1930, as I recall-- an hour of his show was 
telecast.  Few people saw it, but it was still pretty amazing. Btw, Hollis 
Baird was the co-founder.  The other guy was Avigdor "Vic" Morgan, who 
later put WLYN on the air in 1947.  The grandson of Vic Morgan is Prof. 
Michael Morgan, out at U.Mass/Amherst where I am getting my PhD.  I have an 
article somewhere on an early TV website about the first of the early 
(mechanical) TV stations, W1XAY.

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