W1XAL shortwave station in Boston

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Donna: If you recall my original posting in this thread, I said that the
door to the WMEX studios/offices at 70 Brookline Ave was adjacent to a door
that (I thought--incorrectly) had the W1XAL calls on it. I now assume that
the calls on the second door were W1XAV. As I reported in the earlier
posting, I later worked with an engineer who, as a boy, had visited the
experimental TV facilities at 70 Brookline Ave. When I wrote my original
posting, I did not recall the name Hollis Baird, but now that I've read it,
I believe that was the name of the gentleman that my former coworker said he
visited at 70 Brookline Ave.

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> And even more confusing if we are trying to establish some correct
> locations and correct dates, I found a late 1931 NY Times article which
> lumps W1XAL in with Hollis Baird's experimental TV station, W1XAV -- and
> says both are operating from studios at 70 Brookline Ave (29 November
> section X, p. 7).  And yet... and yet, the Christian Science Monitor,
> provided newspeople and speakers to W1XAL and then to WRUL, seldom if ever
> gave the 70 Brookline Ave address, nor was it on the newspaper ads or
> programs I have from the station... The Monitor was very specific about
> events that occurred at the Commonwealth Avenue address.  So perhaps
> S. Lemmon had several studio locations in Boston?

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