Joe Smith

Donna Halper
Fri Jul 7 00:09:27 EDT 2006

>Joe wrote--
>August?  We moved back to the Boston area in May 1957, and I
>immediately started checking out radio stations, listing which ones I
>heard.  So far as I can remember, WMEX was the "New WMEX" the first
>time I heard it.  Maybe I'm remembering wrong.

No, not at all.  The sale went through in August, but it had been in the 
works since June.  I am sure that there were some promos about "the new 
WMEX" on the air, but by all accounts, nothing really changed format-wise 
till the Richmond Brothers officially came on board and began putting in 
more top 40 music, which got some of the middle of the road d.j.'s very 
upset and they started leaving.

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