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A. Joseph Ross
Thu Jul 6 23:49:11 EDT 2006

On 6 Jul 2006 at 21:37, Donna Halper wrote:

> I've seen this happen often, where some well-meaning person writes
> an intro for a famous speaker and doesn't check with the speaker
> first.  Usually, the speaker is too polite to humiliate the person
> introducing them... 

Hah!  That reminds me of a story.  In March 1966, I was involved in 
getting Isaac Asimov to speak at UMass.  So that I could have some 
publicity information, at my request, he sent me a brochure with his 
bio.  And it said the number of books he had written (50-something at 
that time).  So when I introduced him to the audience in the Student 
Union ballroom, I mentioned that number.  And in his speech, Asimov 
said that number was wrong.  He admitted that was the number he had 
given me, but the correct number was now (60-something).

I didn't feel humiliated, though.  Getting Isaac Asimov to speak at 
UMass and getting to introduce him was one of the high points of my 
college years.

> In a 1989 interview Joe did with Steve Morse of the Boston Globe, for
> example, he says he started as a d.j. on WVDA, doing a 7 and a half
> hour a day shift (!) -- which matches the newspaper clippings I've
> found with radio listings for 1956.  He could not have started at WMEX
> because WMEX did not go top-40 till the Richmond Brothers took over
> the station from Bill and Al Pote in August of 1957.  

August?  We moved back to the Boston area in May 1957, and I 
immediately started checking out radio stations, listing which ones I 
heard.  So far as I can remember, WMEX was the "New WMEX" the first 
time I heard it.  Maybe I'm remembering wrong.

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