Another Canadian AM-to-FM Switch

Scott Fybush
Thu Jul 6 11:36:27 EDT 2006

Laurence Glavin wrote:

>> As of 8;05 this am, CHTN (720) Charlottetown was to have morphed in 
>> to an FM Mike/Jack/Bob/Ed/Barry/Elliot as Ocean 100.3 The slogan is 
>> an original: "We Play Everything!"
> Does this mean P.E.I. is bereft of any AM signals?
> I remember getting a signal on 630 khz from the Province but no
> other.

CFCY 630 will be on the air for a few more months, but it too is moving 
to FM later this year. The 1240 in Summerside moved to FM a few years 
back, so the last remaining AMs in PEI will be a pair of very low power 
(10 watt?) travelers-information stations.

True story about the Summerside 1240: when Garrett and I were up there 
in 1998, we pulled up, took our pictures, and just before we were 
leaving, a bus full of Japanese tourists also stopped by the side of the 
road - and THEY started taking pictures of the towers.

(PEI is a huge tourism destination for the Japanese, who revere "Anne of 
Green Gables.")


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