New England, The Patriots and We

Bob Nelson
Tue Jul 4 10:40:56 EDT 2006

>   thanks for sharing that.  i actually have my original reel-to-reel
> version from Soundtrack Studios in Boston that was shipped to radio
> around the area. (15 ips, heads, 1/2 track).
>   i think i saw Lobel in there, and Joe Martelle's crew

Yes some people looked familiar but I couldn't quite place them. By
the way I think
Morgan White Jr. was somehow involved with this, if I remember right.
He would get on air and say that the video was "our response to the
Super Bowl Shuffle (that the Bears did)."

I remember (barely) some song parodies that came out (maybe via Eddie Andelman?)
at the time. One of them was set to the tune of the Irish song
"McNamara's Band" and it
was "Oh, my name is Raymond Berry, I'm the leader of the Pats/Ask
(name of team) if we are a bunch of old doormats/Oh, we've Lippett and
Tippett and..." etc.

Another was set to the New Orleans tone "My Toot Toot": "Don't mess with Tatupu/
Whatever you do, do/He'll make you bear stew, stew..." Recently, one
of the playoff
teams--Seattle, I think?--had a player named Lofi (IIRC) Tatupu. Mosi
Tatupu's son.

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