New England, The Patriots and We
Tue Jul 4 06:40:14 EDT 2006

Bob wrote:

> look for a link (July 3 edition) to a youtube video of the 1986 song
> "New England the Patriots and Me", celebrating
> the Super Bowl how many local media people took part. I
> saw Loren and Wally;
> Ray Flynn (mayor at the time); John Dennis...


  thanks for sharing that.  i actually have my original reel-to-reel 
version from Soundtrack Studios in Boston that was shipped to radio 
around the area. (15 ips, heads, 1/2 track).
  i think i saw Lobel in there, and Joe Martelle's crew, but couldn't 
quite make out the old 'EEI-AM crew. (i was at the nifty 850 at the 
time and got my sports from eddie and tom)
   great memory - anyone have a better quality that they can post to 
youtube ?

--Chuck Igo

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