WAZN 1470 off at night and apparently running reduced power days

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Jul 3 07:17:14 EDT 2006

Some months ago, after a long delay and the filing of what appeared to be a
duplicate application for the facilities it had been granted earlier (and
was using until a couple of days ago), brokered multi-ethnic WAZN was
granted a license to cover its move from Marlborough to Watertown (actually,
Lexington). Now the station has withdrawn the duplicate application, which
appeared to cover a paperwork snafu at the FCC (or maybe the fact that the
CP had expired before the FCC granted the license to cover). But as of a
couple of days ago, WAZN appears to be operating with reduced day power and
not operating at night at all. I gather from the long delays in getting the
CP facilities on the air that the installation of this diplex with WTTT ran
into a bunch of snags. I have no idea of the reason for the current
operation, but presumably WAZN is operating under STA.

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