thoughts on newest 12 + ratings?

Donna Halper
Sat Jan 14 18:01:44 EST 2006

Roger Kolakowski wrote:
>If Arbitron can't get 18-35 year old males to participate in their ratings
>in quantifiable numbers, why not just make them 35+? Seems like there's some
>"extrapolating" going on here, especially at the "low end."

I still cannot understand, given that so many baby boomers are now turning 
60 and still love music, why would Arbitron (and the ad agencies) not give 
a rat's patootie about the 55+ demo?  Okay fine, in the 'good old days', 
being over 50 meant you were on your way to the rocking chair or about to 
die.  But these days, people live much longer, work much longer, and remain 
active much longer.  So why are 55+ ratings still considered irrelevant?

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