Neil Chayette...Looking At Oblivion
Mon Jan 9 21:06:49 EST 2006

> You mean to tell me that a big city clear-channel transmitter like WBZ in
> Boston, WOR and WABC in New York, etc. can't make enough money just by
> selling spots???

Well, in some cases it appears to be much more "cost effective" for one of these big sticks to drop these programs into automation and make money rather than having to pay a newsperson, a producer, writers, etc. to do "real radio" on off hours like a Sunday night at 9:30.

(Same mentality as a small market station, except the electric bills are bigger.)

> Considering the incredible spot load these stations carry (outside
> leased-access shows and infomercials), I would assume that the stations
> would be making enough to keep their employees comfortably paid and be
> reasonably profitable.

> I think this is more of a "squeeze the turd tighter" to get even more gold
> out of it, case.

You might think that, but alas - this is radio.   To use your term - any chance to squeeze the turd a little tighter means a little more for the bottom line.  Cynical?  Yes.  Realistic?  Yes.  Unfortunate?  Well, yes.


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