weird news at Channel 7

Mon Feb 27 00:55:48 EST 2006

Is Channel 7's news on a new-age kick?

A few days ago they ran a story on a guy who had a neo-pagan ritual done 
in his house in Salem (it figures) to get rid of the bad vibes there.

Now they're running promos for a piece about psychic healer children 
with indigo-colored auras.

Since an unusual (but no doubt well-meaning) spiritual group
produced and is promoting a movie about these kids and their reported 
I have to wonder if Channel 7 is giving a platform to somebody's fringy 
quasi-mystical claims.   Does this really deserve to be treated as 
serious news?

The movement's web site, incidentally, includes a course
on how to bend spoons with your mind.    Interesting!

Anyway, is this sort of news coverage supposed to appeal to the extra 
viewers they gained from airing the Winter Games?


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