DX Test on WJTO-730

John Bolduc n1qgs@yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 23:43:39 EST 2006

> BTW... Did any DXers here pick up Bob  Bittner's DX Test on WJTO-730
> last weekend? I got it here,  but man, does that French Talker CKAC
> Montreal blast in down east!
> Rod O'Connor

I logged about 45 minutes of the test, but it was tough copy that later
into the test it got. Besides, being able to understand a fair amount of
French found me being distracted! (When the Expos were still in Montreal,
I could follow an entire game in French, much to the dismay of my wife and

I'm not sure if I should do anything will my logging of the test, other
than to occupy space on my hard drive??

Speaking of the Expos/Nationals, I hear they are getting a new play by
play man after only their first year in D.C.

John B
Derry NH 

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