Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 10, Issue 50

Keating Willcox
Sun Feb 19 12:40:50 EST 2006

>  Other AM dial spots have offered nighttime
> > reception while the Sun was well above the horizon.  After the
> > post about WNSH returning to talk, I couldn't pick it up where
> > it would usually come in fine during the day...other 1570's were
> > slaughtering it and WQEW was coming in almsost as strong as
> > midnight and splattering WNSH to death.  By the way, this
> > morning, I noticed that Salem, NH's WCEC was off the a
> > scan of 1110, 1120 and 1130 presented hash from WILD-AM's IBOC;
> > a pretty good signal from WBNW in Conkuhd, Mass; and WBBR
> > in NYC.  From time to time Drudge posts messages from MASA and
> > NOAA about solar activity, but not lately...maybe the Earth's
> > polarity is changing!

It took a is still taking a while, to adjust the new 
automation system from Wireready and set levels. How much work can a 
guy do while watching the Swedish curling team......

quiz for the crew...What is Chandler motion (nothing to do with Friends)


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