Salem News: "WESX sale getting poor reception on North Shore"

Laurence Glavin
Sat Feb 18 13:18:04 EST 2006

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> Subject: Salem News: "WESX sale getting poor reception on North Shore"
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> The "outcry" has already begun!
>            (this time the whole article is provided)
> © The small AM radio station in Salem and later Marblehead
> © has spent the last 67 years telling listeners who won the
> © elections, scored the touchdowns and robbed the banks in
> © their communities. But the WESX that generations have
> © come to know and love will soon cease to exist.
> ©
> © The station, along with its sister station in Quincy,
> © was recently sold for $4.5 million to a Connecticut
> © businessman who plans to take down WESX's 180-foot
> © antenna in Marblehead, move the studio to Chelsea
> © and maybe even change its call letters.
>            <snip>
> © the antenna tower on the WESX site in Marblehead
> © will be moved to "swampland" in Lynn in order to
> © improve the station's signal, although he
> © wouldn't say where in Lynn.
>From the time I became aware that WESX's tower was on a 
peninsula in Marblehead, I was amazed that they let half
their puny signal go out to sea.  I later surmised the location
was dictated by the presence of WNEB in Woostah.  When the
FCC authorized the former Class IVs to go to 1,000 watts days,
and WESX installed a directional antenna to do so (uninstalled
a few years later,) I figured they might then move inland but
no, they stayed in Marblehead and apparently protected what is
now WBUR-AM in West Yarmouth.  So I find it hard to  figure 
out how they can build a 1,000-watt NDA on 1230 in Lynn, 
especially with the new WKOX-AM 50KW signal due to come on-line
some day.


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