Pattern Changes, etc

Robert F. Sutherland
Fri Feb 17 10:19:51 EST 2006

-  Dan Strassberg:   thank you for correction on critical hours being -2-
hours each side!
I've had that in mind wrong for many years.   any idea what CFR # has it?
& thank you for the reminder of WTIC, and a list of so many similar

- R Trovato: AM Query clearly says day, night, or critcal-hour operations,
each a seperate entry for a given station.
>From there, you need the local sunset / rise time....

Garrett Wollman told of a sunrise time calculator
which requires the latitude & longitude from AM Query.
   now, with previous comments of station day / critical-hour / night
time change requirements, I think you have all you need

FCC rules   (CFR)  current link is
(sorry about that)

P.S.  it is better to post to the group,
rather then reply to individual, that way all the group can benefit.

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> > The FCC is the primary source :  on-line service "public" listings (not
> > always quite up to date with
> > actual FCC files).
> > For individual stations:   AM Query
> > Easy to use., highly recommended.
> So I used the above link and I entered "WRKO" for an example.
> I don't see anything on that page that indicates times, etc.
> Is it me?
> I've seen many station's licenses and have seen the dates of sign-on/off's
> or pattern changes listed right on them.
> I can't seem to find the info online...
> Am I looking at the wrong thing?
> > If you want the FCC rules which list the change  time requirements,
> > they are in  CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
> > Title 47--Telecommunication,   chapter 1 (FCC),    PART 73--Radio
> Broadcast
> > Services
> >
> >    such articles as    (I know, this is overwhelming)
> Hmmm..that link doesn't work for me.....

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