Salem News: "WESX sale getting poor reception on North Shore"

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild
Thu Feb 16 16:48:53 EST 2006

The "outcry" has already begun!

           (this time the whole article is provided)

© The small AM radio station in Salem and later Marblehead
© has spent the last 67 years telling listeners who won the
© elections, scored the touchdowns and robbed the banks in
© their communities. But the WESX that generations have
© come to know and love will soon cease to exist.
© The station, along with its sister station in Quincy,
© was recently sold for $4.5 million to a Connecticut
© businessman who plans to take down WESX's 180-foot
© antenna in Marblehead, move the studio to Chelsea
© and maybe even change its call letters.
© the antenna tower on the WESX site in Marblehead
© will be moved to "swampland" in Lynn in order to
© improve the station's signal, although he
© wouldn't say where in Lynn.

Hmmm..., now, where oh where could that be?....
"Um, hello, WROL?"


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