NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Sun Feb 12 13:18:55 EST 2006

Scott Fybush wrote:
> Much as I respect the journalism practiced at NPR, I've never been 
> much of a fan of most of the on-air delivery there (Scott Simon is a 
> notable exception.)
Couldn't agree more. One of the best radio moments I will ever 
experience was Simon in the wake of 9/11, actually when the airliner 
crashed into the NJ neighborhood, he was interviewing a firefighter who 
was telling the horrible story of the loss of his friends, family, 
neighborhood. Simon paused, took a breath, and started to cry while 
asking him, "How can you stand it? How do you do it?" Even before that 
moment I have considered Scott Simon in a class by himself at NPR.

Bill O'Neill

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