NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sat Feb 11 15:31:21 EST 2006

Not an easy question to answer, these days (assuming, that is, that I'd 
ever encourage her to get into radio - I'm trying to be a GOOD parent 
here, after all!)

Much as I respect the journalism practiced at NPR, I've never been much 
of a fan of most of the on-air delivery there (Scott Simon is a notable 

I'm not at all impressed, delivery-wise, with Michelle Norris or Melissa 
Block on ATC. Renee Montagne on Morning Edition is pretty good.

On the local news level, Judy DeAngelis on WINS in NYC is one of the 
best in the business, and I'm quite partial to Diane Stern on BZ as 
well, though of course having written for her for several years, I'm 
terribly biased.


Dan Strassberg wrote:
> OK, Scott: If your daughter decides that she wants a career in radio
> (assuming radio still exists when she grows up and, considering how cute she
> is, assuming that she wants to work in the auditory medium as opposed to
> dazzling the world with her looks as well as her brains), what female
> broadcaster would you urge her to emulate--as Garner Ted Armstrong emulated
> Paul Harvey?
> I think that's a great question. I used to think that NPR's Liane Hanson
> (Hansen?) had the best female voice in radio, but I'm no longer so sure.
> There are several women at NPR, including Terri Gross, that I might now rank
> higher. For shear brainpower (but not for voice quality or delivery), my
> current favorite is AirAmerica's Rachel Maddow. She was a Rhodes scholar and
> has a doctorate in political science from Oxford.
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>> Bob Nelson wrote:
>>> According to Wikipedia: "Garner Ted Armstrong (February 9, 1930 -
>>> September 15, 2003), American evangelist, was the son of Herbert W.
>> So Garner Ted left the world the same day Ariel Fybush came in.
>> Interesting coincidence...
>> s

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