KB1520: Bye...

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Wed Feb 8 12:57:17 EST 2006

>Scott wrote--
>As the liberal talk format evolves, AAR's becoming just one player in the 
>field - Jones is a pretty big one now, too, with Stephanie Miller and Bill 

The fastest growing talk show from the liberal/progressive side is Ed 
Schultz.  I don't work for him and I am not a shill for him, but as a radio 
consultant, I note that he has more than 100 affiliates and his show is 
turning a profit.  He is also heard on some stations that are all 
conservative shows except for his. It's interesting to me that Randy 
Michaels (former exec with Clear Channel) took Ed's show as a client for 
his new syndication company, and it seems to have helped Ed go from being a 
Fargo ND talk host with a couple of affiliates to a guy written up in 
Newsweek and carried by the Armed Forces Radio Network.

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