Market exclusivity, WTTT, and WNSH

Bob Nelson
Tue Feb 7 13:20:26 EST 2006

Dan wrote:

> > Technically no. WTTT runs 5 kW day and night ...
> > ... However, the night pattern is considerably more restrictive to
> > the north and west than is the day pattern ...

Eli wrote:

> If you're north of Boston as Bob is, I can see how it would seem
> that WTTT gets weaker after dark, but as Dan said, it's all due
> to directional antenna issues, and their signal in their prime
> southeasterly direction from their Lexington transmitter toward
> Boston is at least as strong as their day signal.

Ah, OK. Pattern change makes the signal seem weaker, but not an actual
power-down (from 5,000 to 1,000 for example). Stations like WRKO and WEEI
get complaints about poor/no reception after dark from west of town, etc.

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