Ingraham, Liddy, Savage on WNSH

Bob Nelson
Sat Feb 4 14:39:23 EST 2006

Looks like WNSH's site has been updated--they'll pretty much be Talk
Radio network during the day and Radio America overnights...and
they'll be airing a couple shows already heard on WRKO and WTKK, but
_live_: Michael Savage (6-9 pm) and Laura Ingraham (9-noon),
TRN also runs Savage on WCAP up in Lowell. So no market exclusivity
for those shows
with the Entercom and Greater Media outlets I mentioned, but it gives
listeners a chance
to hear them live.

Just as WTTT will have Hannity live come Monday. Not the best signal,
though. I tried to
tune into WTTT yesterday on the North Shore around 4:30-5:30 pm and it often
mixed with another signal, though Hannity could be heard better on WGIR in NH
and WABC, etc. But that should be less of a problem with later and
later sunsets, etc.

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