Patriot Ledger article about WKLB

Bob Nelson
Sat Feb 4 11:25:44 EST 2006

Thanks to Boston Radio Watch for the tip about this...

Because "Parton is such sweet sorrow"...and, as the Blues Brothers
found out at that nightclub just outside of Chicago, you need to
hear "BOTH kinds of music. Country AND Western".

It was fun to fly to Nashville last June (actually part of a much
longer trip to Memphis). I got my rental car at the airport and started
tuning around the dial: well, whaddaya expect? Country, country,
country, country...on both AM and FM. I would have been shocked if
Music City _didn't_ have that amount of C&W outlets (and there are
other places with lots of yeehaw, including Dallas). Since I do
like the music (WSM!!), it done suit me JUST fine.

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