HD Gets A Boost

Lou lspin@comcast.net
Sat Feb 4 10:29:07 EST 2006

My latest radio purchase was a few weeks ago.  It's not a traditional radio,
as we all know and love.  It's a Roku receiver.  It's an internet receiver
that will use your wireless network at home to receive music stored on your
PC, or it will use your ISP to go out on the internet to receive internet
radio programming.  Granted, most of internet programming is nothing more
than programmed jukeboxes, but it does offer an alternative to the tired
broadcasts available through normal radio.

But here's a kicker...  If you download and run a program named TVersity on
your home computer, it will act as a server that will provide dozens and
dozens of AM and FM broadcasts from around the US, Canada and the world.
This is very cool!  It all comes through your internet connection, which
obviously means you can get it all through your PC if you searched long
enough, but this is all tied together in a neat, little package.  A while
ago (this being Saturday morning), I was listening to a 'Jukebox Saturday
Night' show on an Australian AM oldies station.


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On 3 Feb 2006 at 2:26, Scott Fybush wrote:

> Even now, how many radios do any of us actually use on a regular basis
> that are older than a decade or so?

I have quite a few.  In fact, except for a Walkman that I bought a 
few years ago, I don't think I have any radio that is less than a 
decade old.  I have a 1930s radio that I bought at an antique barn in 
the early 1980s and restored and another large wood-cabinet Philco 
that my father bought in 1947.  I think my newest radio is a Sony 
2010 AM-FM-shortwave radio that I bought in 1987.

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