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A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sat Feb 4 00:29:14 EST 2006

On 3 Feb 2006 at 2:44, R Trovato wrote:

> And look how long it took Western Union to stop sending
> telegrams...while they have been obsolete for at least 20 years!
> (BTW...WU just sent it's _last_ telegram last Friday.)

Really?  I didn't know that -- though I can't say I'm surprised.  The 
one advantage that a telegram had was that it could get there faster 
than a letter, and now we have e-mail which is faster still.

What is Western Union doing now if they're not handling telegrams? 
Can you still wire money?    

> Personally, I've never known anyone to send or recieve a telegram
> in my lifetime. 

I have.  I remember seeing telegrams frequently in the 1950s  I 
remember in high school that a teacher got married suddenly in August 
and sent a telegram of resignation just before the start of the 
school year.

In fact, in 1973, while in London, I sent a telegram to someone in 

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