WNSH to conservative talk?

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola@aol.com
Fri Feb 3 17:22:58 EST 2006

There are 3 brandie new 100' top loaded towers at the crest of the hill
behind the cellphone tower which is at the corner of the Endicott's Baseball
Diamond...I don't think they will move to Hamilton too easily, not only
technically, but NIMBYlie...

The studio is on campus...that could move to Hamilton...just

WESX 1230 AM

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> Scanning dial today and heard Jerry Doyle's talk show (Phil Valentine
> filling in)
> on WNSH. Back to conservatalk for them? They used to run Mike Gallagher,
> Unless it's WPEP...Well, it's top of hour; no ID, but into "USA Radio
> It's possible I'm picking up WPEP (1570 in Taunton) here in Beverly (which
> mean WNSH is off air for some reason) but it seems pretty strong.
> I did hear something about WNSH moving to the owner's house (Keating
> in Hamilton, from Endicott College. Will keep listening on my way into
> (for as long as signal holds out)

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