What about the small broadcasters ? (was Re: HD Gets A Boost)

R Trovato xtrovato@yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 14:32:29 EST 2006

> The BIG question that nobody seems to want to answer
> is..... what about the lower powered FM stations that
> want to embrace this new technology?  Spending a
> minimum of $75,000 to upgrade these stations to
> digital  and having to fork up another $25,000 to have
> it all licensed with Ibiquity comes to a grand total
> of $100,000.  Where in God's green earth is any
> smaller station (a college or LPFM) going to be able
> to come up with that dastardly amount to keep up with
> the technology.

Wasn't this the same argument about smaller FM stations going stereo?

Many small college-stations stayed mono for years!

Wasn't this the same thing they said about the 10 Watt Class D's upgrading
their power?

Some are still 10 watts!

    ....what if they want to embrace THAT technology?

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