WDEV (was: Globe: At radio deal's end, Sox may be in play)

hykker@grolen.com hykker@grolen.com
Wed Feb 1 15:46:18 EST 2006

Bill O'Neill wrote...
> And, yes, "Music to Go to the Dump By" is mandatory Saturday morning
> listening.
>  Even if your community considers the dump to be a waste disposal and
> recycling
> center.  Suffice it to say that Ken (Nascar) Squires' show is refreshingly
> unencumbered by political correctness that has run amok all over the dial.

Curiously, anyone know the title & artist of the tune they use to intro
the bird report?  It's so cheezy it's good.  I think I emailed them once
but never got an answer.

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