Globe: At radio deal's end, Sox may be in play

Bob Nelson
Wed Feb 1 14:50:38 EST 2006

Bill O'Neill wrote:

>>I'll defer to the venerable Vermonters Scott and Garrett on that
one. I'm a mere
Bay State flatlander of six years!

Well, am pretty sure they carried the Sox at one time; maybe in 80s/early 90s
(WTSA-FM 96.7)

Scott Fybush wrote:

> One area that WDEV-FM no longer reaches, however, is Colchester-Essex
> Junction. Clear Channel put a translator on at 96.3 last year from
> its studios at Fort Ethan Allen, boosting the 96.7 signal into
> Burlington. It wipes WDEV-FM right off the map in that area.

Yes, I'd heard about that and thought, that _is_ pretty close to WDEV-FM.
The map at seems to indicate that WXZO-FM should have
Burlington in its local area despite broadcasting from the other side
of the lake
but maybe it's shaky in certain areas,.

By the way the website for the Vermont Lake Monsters (formerly Vermont Expos)
says that for the "first time in the franchise's 13 year history", all
76 of their
regular season games will be on radio--on WXZO-FM (and WXZO 960)

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