Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Paul B Currier
Sun Dec 31 17:53:29 EST 2006

Ah yes, The Story Behind the Story!!

I'm constantly amazed with the insight and knowledge that is contributed by
shared by the participants of this list .

Paul Cape Cod
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> Paul B Currier wrote:
> > I also recall Gary filling in for Paul Harvey NEWS!  at noon some time
> > Pretty good recognition for a Mass. country boy.
> Therein lies a tale...
> Gary filled in for Harvey at least three times that I know of. The first
> couple of times, ABC paid for Gary to come down to New York and
> originate the broadcast from the ABC Radio Networks facility on West End
> Avenue, using Harvey's staff in Chicago to help him write it. I'm
> guessing Jay McQuaide would have filled in for Gary on BZ those
> mornings, but no longer recall for certain.
> But the third time, Gary didn't want to make the trip down to New York,
> and persuaded ABC to let him originate the broadcast from Studio E at
> 1170 Soldiers Field Road. ABC gave Gary money to hire a per diem writer
> to work with him in Boston on the broadcasts, and since I was Gary's
> writer at the time, I got to do the honors.
> This is one of my favorite memories from my time at BZ: standing in
> studio E with Gary and Bill Flaherty, who was engineering the ISDN
> connection to ABC in New York (brand-new technology for us at that
> point), watching the clock tick down to the start of the first feed.
> Bill was excited. I was excited. And here's the thing that still sticks
> out in my mind: Gary was excited. Here's a guy who's hung out with the
> Beatles, interviewed presidents, and had probably spent more time on the
> air by then than I'd spent alive at all - and HE's as excited as the
> rest of us at the chance to be Paul Harvey for a day.
> It was a good day for the boy from Shelburne Falls, and for the kid from
> Rochester, too, come to think of it.
> s

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