Sports trumps Saddam news...

Donna Halper
Sat Dec 30 03:51:51 EST 2006

TV was the same as before-- CBS used to really cover this stuff, but 
they just waited for the 11pm News on channel 4 and let it get 
covered there.  Then back into regular programming.  ABC did the 
same-- except they had the advantage of not only Channel 5's 11pm 
news but then Nightline, for another half hour.  Channel 7 did the 
same as channel 4, although they may have had a crawl-- I just 
checked them quickly.  But the major networks seem to have abandoned 
news at is happens, leaving it to cable.  To MsNBC's credit, they 
normally do taped documentaries on Friday night, but they hauled in 
the weekend warriors and some of their regular commentators and went 
live for 3 hours.  CNN stayed with the story from 10 pm till 1.15 
AM.  Ditto for Fox News.  Interestingly, PBS had no mechanism for 
live coverage, which is surprising, given that just about every NPR 
station found a way to cover the story on radio...

Oh speaking of one classy thing-- I thought it was nice that Channel 
5 did a tribute to Gary LaPierre.  I expected CBS4 (WBZ TV) to do it, 
of course, but it was also nice to see competitors give Gary his 
proper respect as somebody who has been on the air for a very very 
long time.     

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