Sports trumps Saddam news...

Bob Nelson
Sat Dec 30 03:20:09 EST 2006

How news of Saddam's execution was covered locally:

--WTKK started a delayed version of Laura Ingraham, with host Tammy Bruce, but she barely finished
introducing herself when the CNN News feed kicked in with details. And WTKK stayed with it for just over
3 hours! They had some good info via CNN, interviews, etc. Just the feed from the main CNN channel.
Interestinly enough, the post office where I work has one TV, which is always set to CNN Headline
News...and outside of a TOH update on Saddam at 11 pm, they were giving you Scott Peterson stuff
on Nancy Grace, then the always important Showbiz Tonight. Saddam who?

--WRKO, too busy with dribble-dribble Celtics basketball, though I think they got into it via Coast to
Coast (with a fill in) at 1 am

--WBZ too busy with shot--score!!! Bruins hockey, but Jordan Rich came on about 11:35 pm or so
with a slightly extended show.

--WBUR had coverage via BBC but I was mostly listening to 96.9

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