Globe: local radio's New Yrs Eve plans

Laurence Glavin
Thu Dec 28 15:49:53 EST 2006

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>99-1/2 favorites??? I think that would require playing approximately 2-1/2
>times the number of selections in their (apparently) never-changing weekly
>rotation. As I said in a previous communication, unlike Mr G, I don't find
>fault with WCRB's non-intellectually-challenging (AKA dumbed-down) genre of
>classical music. In fact, I have grown rather fond of it. What I do object
>to, though, is the incredibly limited selection from this genre. I believe
>that WCRB could quintuple the number of cuts in frequent rotation without
>even getting close to the boundaries of tried-and-true classical concert
>favorites (old war-horses). I suspect that if they did so, TSL would
>increase significantly. It's not as if I'm asking for anything adventurous
>or anything that the audience isn't familiar with.

Without getting into a flaming match that Dan would undoubtedly lose, 
I mentioned this possibility because acoording to the non-presidential-assassin-wannabe
David Hinckley, radio writer for the NY Daily Gnus, WQXR is doing exactly
what I described.  Under the evil Mario Mazza, WCRB occasionally had
essential classic weekends that expanded their repertoire by exactly one work:
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, a piece almost never found in regular 
rotation for various reasons.  Since www.wcrb'com's website is STILL under
construction,  nobody knows if the current "management" has such plans
for FM channel 258.

Dan Strassberg
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