So many pots, switches, buttons, knobs..what 'dis do?

Doug Drown
Thu Dec 28 00:19:59 EST 2006

I wonder sometimes about whether Clear Channel has ANY on-site engineers or
producers at its stations.  One of their talk stations in Maine regularly
used to cut into Howie Carr's last hour with a satellite-driven "closed
circuit" feed designed to prepare Red Sox affiliates for the evening's game.
That was bad enough.  What made it worse was that it sometimes would go on
for at least a half-hour . . . on a station that wasn't even a Red Sox
affiliate!  I finally actually called the studio one day (after getting no
answer during the broadcast) and the person in management with whom I talked
responded, "Gee, THAT's not supposed to happen!"  He seemed to have no idea
that it already had --- several times.


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> Listening to WGY (810 Schenectady) today as it was the clearest signal I
> could get in my car (parked for lunch in Middlebury VT) with the laptop
> and other interference.  Unfortunately, after the 3 p.m. (local!) news,
> up pops not Hannity, but.... Dr. Laura. And not just for one minute
> before the oops was de-ooped.
> We all can imagine that the wrong bird feed was engaged and stuff
> happens, but how long should it take to correct?  It took long enough
> for me to bounce around to see what other affils were up to.  How far
> off could a big Beantown signal be to reverting to bird-feed, ... er,
> oh, nevermind ;-)
> Happy Gnu Year,
> Bill O'Neill
> Middlebury, Vermont

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