Boston radio coverage of Pres. Ford's death

Bill O'Neill
Wed Dec 27 12:24:44 EST 2006

Bob Nelson wrote:
> the way, Saturday Night Live debuted in
> Oct of '75 and Chevy Chase became a household name with
> his "clumsy Ford" persona. Re-runs of the show may have
> helped keep Ford (and an unfair portrayal of him, it
> was said last night) in the public conciousness.
Not to forget SNL's send-up of Tom Brokaw putting together the then 
former president's obit for the file just in case Ford were to pass 
while Brokaw was on vacation.  Dana Carvey tried 3 or 4 takes of "former 
president, Gerald Ford, has died."  The slurring of Carvey's Brokaw was 
the funny bit and the truth was, most news outlets, while they don't 
pre-record obits, do have them up to date.

Also brings to mind the 'presidents' card game' (forget the source) that 
Larry Glick used to air. Nixon sneezes and says: Pardon Me.  Ford: I 
already did.

Bill O'Neill

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