Boston radio coverage of Pres. Ford's death

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 27 11:09:16 EST 2006

Mark wrote:

>>But a lot of stations wouldn't be able to change their presentation 
today because when news breaks at 11:45 PM, there aren't any human 
beings on the premises.

Indeed. WBZ btw was the only source for the 3 am breaking news of
the Danversport explosion; the first TV source was Ch 5 which
had a "breaking news" crawl at the bottom of the screen
about 3:30 or 3:45 or so, and then all newscasts went into
it around 4:45 am approx.

Ford left office 30 years ago next month. I was talking with one
of my supervisors at work and she said "it seems not that long ago
that he was President" and I remarked "time must be flying
because it's been about 30 years". I was 12 when Ford 
took the way, Saturday Night Live debuted in
Oct of '75 and Chevy Chase became a household name with
his "clumsy Ford" persona. Re-runs of the show may have
helped keep Ford (and an unfair portrayal of him, it
was said last night) in the public conciousness.

btw Ford's press secretary Ron Nessen hosted Saturday
Night Live once and, via either film or videotape,
they got Gerald Ford to say "Live From New York
It's Saturday Night!". Former veep Al Gore would
later host an episode of the show, portraying
Trent Lott in one sketch (and giving a hearty
kiss to Tipper at another point.)

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