Avi Nelson filling in for Howie Carr

Paul Hopfgarten paul@derrynh.net
Sun Dec 24 01:39:29 EST 2006

I know Avi Neson ran for US Senate in 1976 because that was the first
election I was able to vote in after turning 18 (1976 MA GOP Primary). Yes,
I voted for Avi....

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH (then of Randolph MA)

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Avi Nelson will be filling in for Howie Carr from Tue. through Friday of
next week. Has been described as a libertarian or conservative; I believe he
ran for office as a Republican, and I know he started
WMFP-TV 62 in Lawrence. He and Jerry Williams were the subjects of
the 1987 book "Talk Radio and the American Dream".

For some reason my gmail address kept bouncing back my posts to this list so
I am trying another email address I have and hope this works

--Bob Nelson

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