Avi Nelson filling in for Howie Carr

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sat Dec 23 15:49:52 EST 2006

At 02:19 PM 12/23/2006, Doug Drown wrote:
>I remember Avi Nelson having a talk show of his own in Boston years ago;
>what station?  Was it WHDH?

Avi has actually had quite a media career. Of course, he ran for 
political office a few times (including running for senate against Ed 
Brooke), and would periodically leave radio to either run for office 
or advise Republican candidates.  But as for radio, he became 
nationally known for his vocal opposition to busing.  He was on 
Boston radio (and yes I do believe it was WHDH but I will check)-- 
during the busing crisis, and became a leader in the anti busing 
movement.  If I recall correctly, 1973 was when he first became a 
radio talk host.

As for other points in his career, he worked at WITS when it was 
doing talk, and of course, he was also on the the old WEEI when it 
was owned by Helen and Mike Valerio of Papa Gino's, circa 
1983.  Nelson owned WMPF (Channel 62) in Lawrence, and if I recall 
correctly, he was on WRKO several times-- in its early days when it 
became an all talk station, and then later in the 80s, when he came 
back there and remained on the air into the early 90s.

Avi also did a series of TV debates with Jerry Williams which were 
billed as "a left and a right" ... I found the listing for them on 
channel 5 in the summer of 1975; and I found listings for Avi doing a 
solo TV show on channel 7-- it was a late Sunday night show which he 
interviewed various newsmakers,  and it debuted in late November of 1975. 

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