Bad Timing; WNNW-AM Off The Air

Laurence Glavin
Fri Dec 22 13:33:01 EST 2006

Ooops...bad timing!  WNNW-AM 800 COL Lawrence, MA was off-the-air
from late in the morning today until after noon.  It's a Spanish-
language station that just received new competition from the
WKXOX/WXKS-AM switch, and by disappearing entirely for a period of
time like that has probably caused a number of people to press
their 'SEEK' buttons to find another similar outlet.  Oh well, at 
4:15 pm, AM 1200 and 1430 will become unlistenable for many of them,
and if WNNW comes back, even with reduced power* may still be
receivable by Spanish-speaking listeners norte de Boston.

*assuming they DO power down

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