la nueva Rumba esta aqui

Paul B Currier
Thu Dec 21 18:47:14 EST 2006

Yes and much agreed.  As I said several months ago, I have less and less use
for pre-sets.  Such a shame where radio has fallen to.  There is really no
use for those pushbuttons any longer........

PBC Cape Cod

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> On 21 Dec 2006 Chace, Stephen wrote:
> > Muy bien!  Sure was a clunky closing for the talk station.  At least
> > the Spanish announcer had some heart!
> I'm going to have to find some other use for two buttons on my car
> radio.  Three, counting the one that's still set for WJDA.
> After I listened to the WXKS changeover, I tuned the 1930s radio in
> my front hall back to WJIB.  I've been noticing a loud hum on WXKS,
> which made the station hard to listen to on that radio.  I briefly
> heard the same noise on WRKO and thought maybe the radio needed a
> filter capacitor.  But there was no noise on WJIB.  I suppose the
> noise I was hearing is the digital signal.  I don't hear it on my car
> radio, but on that older radio, I hear it.
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