la nueva Rumba esta aqui

Dan Strassberg
Thu Dec 21 16:15:24 EST 2006

Before you decide that the radio needs work, try tuning to the stations on
which you hear the hum and rotating the radio. You may find that in some
orientation that doesn't work for you (because, for example, the speaker is
facing the wall), the hum disappears. I would expect you'd find the optimal
position to be different for different stations. I don't know the cause of
this problem, but I have a radio that exhibits what appears to be the same
problem on WBZ, and only WBZ. The point is that turning the radio a little
bit eliminates the problem, although it produces different problems on other
stations. And none of these problens is as annoying (to me) as the reception
problems that come and go on various FM stations on various radios as I move
about the house. The thing is that these problems are repeatable, so there
is an explanation. The FM problem must be the result of reflections of the
~100-MHz signals by my body, resulting in multipath or reduced signal
strength. I think the AM hum problem is likely the result of accidentally
orienting the radio to produce an unacceptably weak signal out of the
radio's antenna..


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> On 21 Dec 2006 Chace, Stephen wrote:
> > Muy bien!  Sure was a clunky closing for the talk station.  At least
> > the Spanish announcer had some heart!
> I'm going to have to find some other use for two buttons on my car
> radio.  Three, counting the one that's still set for WJDA.
> After I listened to the WXKS changeover, I tuned the 1930s radio in
> my front hall back to WJIB.  I've been noticing a loud hum on WXKS,
> which made the station hard to listen to on that radio.  I briefly
> heard the same noise on WRKO and thought maybe the radio needed a
> filter capacitor.  But there was no noise on WJIB.  I suppose the
> noise I was hearing is the digital signal.  I don't hear it on my car
> radio, but on that older radio, I hear it.
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