Voice Guys

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Thu Dec 21 17:33:47 EST 2006

> Now there are TWO big voice guys
> in Boston looking for new gigs...Jim Cutler of channel 56 and whoever did
> the announcing work for WKOX/WXKS-AM ("Take it easy...there's no Rush!")

Jim Cutler is still on 56, not during the news, but for promos for shows,
etc, he's there. Of course on the radio, he's still on WEEI.

How is it that John Pleasie (sp?) can be on 3 stations in Boston? He's the
main voice of WBIX, WAMG/WLLH, and one of several voices used on WBMX!

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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