la nueva Rumba esta aqui

Laurence Glavin
Thu Dec 21 17:26:02 EST 2006

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>From: "Chace, Stephen" 
>Subject: RE: la nueva Rumba esta aqui
>Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 13:40:19 -0500
>Muy bien! Sure was a clunky closing for the talk station. At least the
>Spanish announcer had some heart!
>Stephen Chace

To my ears, it was more of a clunky opening for "Radio Rumba" than a clunky
closing for Boston's Progressive Talk.  Now there are TWO big voice guys
in Boston looking for new gigs...Jim Cutler of channel 56 and whoever did
the announcing work for WKOX/WXKS-AM ("Take it easy...there's no Rush!")

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