Jack Hynes Delivers Harsh Commentary On Last WLVI Produced Newscast

Ric Werme ewerme@comcast.net
Wed Dec 20 13:16:42 EST 2006

>    I watched last night's final broadcast. I thought that Jack Hynes looked 
> bitter as he vented the frustrations of himself and  the roughly 150 WLVI 
> staffers sent to the unemployment line a week before Christmas.

I rarely turn on 10 PM news, but for some reason I turned it on that
night, possibly figuring I should see if they had changed or not.
I was at my computer when I heard people refer to Mike Wankum's last
forecast and realized it might be the last broadcast.  I was impressed
at how well everyone (but Hynes) kept up the stage image of a proper
news program.  Sort of reminiscent of David Brinkly's last words when
he finished his career at the end of a presidental convention.

I've got the impression that Hynes volunteered to be the fall guy.  While
he got a good laugh when he said he intended to be in the business for
another 50 years, it's time for him to retire or at least work very
part time.  I think everyone else could use the last broadcast
as an audition tape for their next job.  It might even be a good tape
to use, with or without Hynes.  Well, without Hynes if the audition
goes to a Sunbeam station!

As for the Christmas timing, having months notice is a big help.  My
job at HP technically ends this Friday, though my last day in the
office was in October and I received notice in September.  I'm
still receiving a paycheck, though it is funded with my severance pay
and I'll get the rest as a lump sum early next year.  Having lots of
notice is a big help.  At least people had a chance to line up new work
and/or cut back on Chrismas plans.


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