Newsweek article on Air America

Bob Nelson
Mon Dec 18 09:29:43 EST 2006

On 12/17/06, Dan Strassberg <> wrote:
> Who is Jones's third progressive talker--Bill Press? I've heard the name,
> but I don't think I've ever heard the program or ever heard HIM on any
> program.

Press airs mornings on WARF in Akron, OH. I think he used to do a debate show
with Pat Buchanan on MSNBC.

> Shelly Drovny (spelling?)

Drobny I think

> slot and Malloy is being "syndicated"

The Nova M site said he has 3 or 4 stations at this point IIRC

Progressive talk can work but AAR did not due to management, clashes of
various sorts, etc, and Jones so far is the one bit of bright news
they have. And
there are other outlets like Nova M and even Fox/Premiere, with Alan Colmes,
than show promise.

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