bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Sun Dec 17 09:32:17 EST 2006

> On other hand, maybe progressive talk radio lacks decent ratings in 
> places like Boston and New Haven because moderates and liberals 
> prefer other sources like public radio, blogs, daily newspapers (like 
> the Globe, Times or Courant), alternative newspapers, etc.>

Air America failed because of the deadly combination of inadequate
on-air talent, lack of adequate multi-media promotion of their stations,
and not enough time to develop (2 or 3 years WITH major right-wing
competition -vs- 20 years with practically no opposition competition).
Any format would have the odds stacked against it under those 

Plus, where did this "public radio heavily favors liberal policies" thing
get started? I know they are angry that their funding got reduced...but,
what else?

For what it's worth....most national politically-oriented talk hosts have 
experienced significant drops in total ratings in the past couple years.
On TV, Fox News, although not totally political, but in all honesty
their programming position is pretend to be moderate, but really
promote right-wing views...they are off 30% in 2006 -vs- 2005...though
still very strong/#1.

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