bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Sean Smyth
Fri Dec 15 12:05:28 EST 2006

Donna Halper <> wrote:
> Looks like progressive talk radio in Los Angeles is going to get a 
> reprieve, but even with all of its faults, I'm gonna miss progressive
> talk in Boston.  I still listen to the right wingers sometimes, but 
> it's nice to hear the other side and compare the way each spins the 
> same stories...

(I'm trying to keep this as on-topic, re: radio, as possible...)

People like Donna are the reason Rush has done so well for so long --
Midwest, Plains states moderates and open-minded non-partisans listen;
many agree with most of his views and disagree with some, but even when
they think he's out on Mars they find him interesting. I'm nowhere near
Rush's politics, but I do find his bits mostly amusing -- even if it's
in an eye-rolling way.

It may have been Bob Bittner mentioning this on LTAR years ago, but I
remember someone saying that Boston isn't going to be a great
progressive/liberal talk town since you are preaching to the choir. Al
Franken, IMO and has been mentioned by others here, is a one-trick
pony. As such he didn't bring anything to the table for you at those
times when you wanted something other than to be told your viewpoint
was 100 percent correct. 

Ed Schultz always puts forth strong interviews. His location -- he's
based out of one of the Dakotas, Fargo maybe? -- helps, too; he has a
sensibility of that part of the country that I'm sure helps draw in
listeners. I haven't listened to too much of Stephanie Miller's radio
show, but I vaguely remember her TV show years ago, and I thought she
was talented.

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