bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Donna Halper
Fri Dec 15 14:16:48 EST 2006

>Laurence wrote--
>Nobody's mentioned the Arbitrends at all so far, and in the latest ones
>for Boston WXKS-AM/WKOX got the lowest number for the format so far.

Doesn't shock me at all-- no kidding, you can't hear them in large 
segments of their target market, and there have been a lot of 
problems with the automated feeds too-- dead air, promos playing 
twice, etc.  The station was treated like an after-thought, as I've 
said before.  If I were their consultamt (and I offered), I would 
have run it very differently.  There are local elements that a talk 
format needs, and neither station had much local content, nor was 
there any promotion at all.  When I would tell people about it, 
frequently the reaction was "huh?  is there a progressive talk format 
in Boston?"    

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