bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Bob Nelson
Fri Dec 15 13:21:26 EST 2006

Yes and there was a rally of about 150 people who prevented WLVP in Portland ME
from going to ESPN from Air America (back in Oct. of '04, the same month
WXKS/WKOX made its prog. talk debut)

Interesting that CC would pull the plug on CC despite ad support but they
sometimes justify it as "sports would be a better sell"

Agreed on the need for a local host, etc., and with a better signal and
more committment from management, it could have done much better.
I have no prob with well-done lib talk on the air--I liked Alan Colmes when
he was briefly on WRKO, as well as his former show which aired on
stations like WCAP and, yes, WKOX. (On one California station, Colmes
runs as part of their prog. talk lineup).

By the way right now I'm taping a Portuguese music show off WMWM for podcasting
later. Good music though the host has a tendency to get about 1 millimeter away
from the microphone and he has it cranked up all the way. Mentioned to
him that since
he should maybe back away from the mic and pot it down a bit. Well,
judging from his last talk break he must have forgot what I told him.
Oh well...

Heck, stations like WMWM have volunteers to come down and do shows that serve
the community. Couldn't CC have paid at least minimum wage to someone fresh
out of college radio, say, and have them do a talk show?

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