bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Dan Strassberg
Fri Dec 15 07:47:22 EST 2006

Seems like the only chance of Schultz getting on an established talk station
in Boston is if WTKK picks him up, which sounds like a hell of a longshot to
me. As far as I can tell, Greater Media is to the right of Entercom--and
that's about as far right as it gets. Even forgetting, for the moment,
Entercom's politics (they did, after all, pick up progressive talk in
western New York, Memphis, and New Orleans), WRKO seems like a total
non-starter. With Rush and Howie filling noon to 7:00PM, where would Ed fit
in the lineup? Bring Savage back from 7:00 to 10:00PM and put Schultz on
from 10:00PM to 1:00AM? I don't know the WTKK lineup, but Severin is
obviously sacrosanct. When is Graham on? Seems like 96.9 has more room to
squeeze Schultz into the schedule, but I can't see them doing it even if
there were a decent slot.

If somebody were to buy the time, I bet Alex Langer would bite his lip and
put Schultz on WBIX overnights. Can you get 1060 in Quincy at night--I would
guess so if you don't mind a heavy mixture of KYW.

Dan Strassberg,
eFax 707-215-6367

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> >Bob wrote--
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> >I'd wonder if WRKO would be interested in Stephanie Miller for that
> >9-noon slot...
> >
> >And yes there could be some smaller stations that might pick up one
> >of the Jones
> >shows.
> If I were a talk station in greater Boston, I'd wanna pick up Ed
> Schultz, given that he is the most moderate of all the progressive
> talkers, and as such, he might be able to attract the widest
> audience.  He also does excellent interviews.  And yeah, somebody
> ought to give Steph a try-- her show is entertaining no matter what
> political persuasion a person might be.  I'm not sure many of the AAR
> folks caught on here-- the folks at Boston's Progressive Talk told me
> Al Franken had decent numbers for a while, but Ed and Steph had the
> widest demographics (Steph was pulling in 18-34s, whereas Ed gets 25-54).
> Looks like progressive talk radio in Los Angeles is going to get a
> reprieve, but even with all of its faults, I'm gonna miss progressive
> talk in Boston.  I still listen to the right wingers sometimes, but
> it's nice to hear the other side and compare the way each spins the
> same stories...I hope somebody picks up a few of the progressives--
> Ring of Fire is an excellent weekend opinion show, and I thought
> State of Belief was a very well done religious program...

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